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Tomahawk Axe in Arlington

Marysville axe throwing

The best in Marysville axe throwing

Why Tomahawk axe for axe throwing?

Looking for axe throwing near Marysville and Everett? Tomahawk Axe is the only indoor axe throwing facility in Snohomish County! In addition to axe throwing, we have pool tables, darts, classic video games, beer, soft drinks, and snacks!

We promise you that we’ll show you an unforgettable time. We’ll help you host axe throwing birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, team building events, company events and celebrate other special occasions. 

We not only want you to have fun throwing axes, we want you to be safe! Our Marysville axe throwing facility located in Arlington, WA, and our equipment are kept clean and sanitized. Our staff is friendly, professional and highly trained.

At Tomahawk Axe in Arlington, located near Marysville and Everett, you’re not just a customer, you’re family!

Marysville axe throwers at special event in front of projected lane
Axe throwing at Tomahawk Axe in Arlington! The most fun place to be in Snohomish County near Marysville and Everett! Bring your friends, family and co-workers for an axe-citing adventure!

the best Marysville axe throwing
is at tomahawk axe in Arlington

Want something new and exciting to do?

Tomahawk axe in Arlington

You won’t just throw axes at Tomahawk Axe in Arlington. Our venue near Marysville and Everett in Snohomish County, has everything you and your friends could ask for – axe throwing, pool, darts, video games, beer, soft drinks, and snacks!

Each of our 12 lanes has a variety of projected targets to keep it fresh, along with digital scoring to make your special outing easy and fun!

We also have the safest axe throwing in the area with patent-pending safety-designed anti-bounce borders for ages eight and up! The whole family will have lots of fun!

Marysville axe throwing woman hit bullseye

Safety First

Our lanes are specially designed with anti-bounce borders! Our first priority is to keep you safe while having the most fun.

latest in throwing

We have the latest technology in axe throwing - lots of games on our projected targets, along with digital scoring, so having fun is easy!

locally owned

Tomahawk Axe is locally owned and operated by members of the community that care! Marysville axe throwing at its best!

Mobile Axe Throwing Parties
in Western Washington

Axe throwing brought to you!

Tomahawk Axe is ready to give you an axe-citing event in your backyard, at your restaurant, office, or even at your next fundraiser with our mobile axe throwing trailer. 

Fun Brought right to you!

Looking for a unique way to host a birthday party, reunion, wedding, block party, or other special events? Axe throwing with Tomahawk Axe Mobile is a perfect idea! Our axe throwing trailer can be set up anywhere, making it perfect for your next event anywhere in the Western Washington, area!

Safety first!

Proper safety is necessary to keep the fun going to ensure the experience is enjoyable for everyone. Our axe-pert staff will provide everyone at your next party with all safety instructions, equipment, and support throughout your event. No experience is required! Whether you’re an axe throwing pro, or you’ve never even held a hatchet, our trained personnel are there every step of the way to help with technique, or just to cheer you on.


Get ready to have the most memorable birthday party or other events. The Tomahawk Axe mobile axe throwing trailer is a unique way to have your next event. Whatever your special celebration is, we know how to make your event fun, unique, and memorable!

tomahawk axe in Arlington

Marysville Axe Throwing is Great for groups


Axe anyone what would be fun for a birthday party near Marysville and Everett! An axe throwing birthday party at Tomahawk Axe located in Arlington!


Looking for a fun, unique idea for your bachelor party, bachelorette party or wedding party? Marysville axe throwing at Tomahawk Axe, conveniently located in Arlington, is the best!!


Want a unique company event near Marysville and Everett? Marysville axe throwing at Tomahawk Axe in Arlington is a great team building event or company outing. Axe throwing near Marysville and Everett where everyone can stick an axe!


Marysville axe throwing at Tomahawk Axe in Arlington is great for wedding parties, anniversaries, graduations, holiday parties and more! We will help you throw the most memorable event!

Projected targets

Projected Targets

Tired of throwing at circles? Try our projected targets with lots of games!

Lots of games

Lots of Games

We have Tic-Tac-Toc, Zombie Hunter, Line-up-Four, and Battleship - with more on the way!

Anti-bounce borders

Anti-bounce borders

Your safety comes first! We have safety-designed anti-bounce borders!

Digital scoring

Digital Scoring

We have digital scoring so having fun is easy!

The safest and most fun axe throwing in town

Unique Axe Throwing near Marysville and Everett

Tomahawk Axe in Arlington is the only indoor axe throwing facility in Snohomish County. We have the safest Marysville axe throwing in Snohomish County! All twelve lanes have the latest in axe throwing  – we use anti-bounce borders and safety-designed targets that are easier to stick and more axe-citing. 

Want to throw at something in addition to circles? Our projected targets include Tic-Tac-Toe, Zombie Hunter, Line-Up-Four, Duck Hunter, and Battleship – with more games on the way! We even have digital scoring!

Tomahawk Axe in Arlington is the place you have to check out for the best Marysville axe throwing experience!

axe at Marysville axe throwing venue

Work up a thirst?

Work up a thirst throwing axes? We have a great beer selection, along with snacks!

Join our team!

Employment opportunities

Now hiring exceptional people! No experience required- we will teach you everything you need to know to be successful!


Here's what our axe throwers have to say...

Tomahawk axe in Arlington

Always on target!

At Tomahawk Axe, you won’t just throw an axe or tomahawk – you’lll stick it!!!

With our end grain targets, everyone will stick an axe! Marysville axe throwing has never been so much fun!

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We make Marysville axe throwing easy!